Peer Review Process

The steps for judging, accepting and publishing articles in Rahpooye Honar-Ha-Ye Tajassomi are as follows:

1- Announcing the opinion of the editor;

(If the file is complete, the article will be sent to the editor to check the appropriateness with the subject of the journal, appoint a referee and finally after permission to enter the judging process).

  •  If the editor's opinion on the mentioned cases is positive, the article will enter the next stage.
  • If their opinion is negative, the article will be returned to the author (s).
2- Controlling the article in terms of observing the items mentioned in the style and format of the publication;

(If there is a defect in the files and the publication format is not observed, the article will be returned to the author to complete the items).

3- Sending to arbitration;

(If the files are complete and the publication format is fully observed, the article will be sent to 3 judges at the same time).

4- Receiving the results of judging and sending them to the author for corrections;
5- Receiving corrections and sending the article for final judging;

(If the files are complete and the items mentioned in the editing letter are observed, the article will be sent to the previous judges to check the final corrections).

6- Receiving the opinions of the final referee and presenting the article in the editorial session to announce the final opinion;
  • If the author's corrections are fully approved by the final referee, the article will be presented in the editorial session for assignment.
7- Placing accepted articles in the list of articles ready for publication
8- Publication of the article.

(All articles, after page layout and editing and before publication, are sent to the responsible author, to be done if there is a need for control and change, and finally, the author's approval for publication is obtained).

Note: All correspondence is done with the responsible author and only the steps are briefly communicated to other authors.

Peer Review Policy

Journal of Rahpooye Honar-Ha-Ye Tajassomi, uses double-blind peer review to review manuscripts. So that the reviewers do not know the author's identity and vice versa. The editorial team tries to announce the first response to the coresponder author within three months at most.

Article review time

Article review time varies depending on the topic and quality of the article (an article may need several stages of review and correction). In addition, each referee at each stage has thirty days of refereeing time.

Peer Review Process